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Club History

Mission Statement:

Provide an opportunity for girls to build character and success both on and off the court, while improving each player’s individual basketball skills development through coaching, innovative drills and cutting edge technology.

Club History:

Raptor Elite Academy is focused on teaching and training girls in the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on preparing them for the next of level of play in high school and hopefully college. We have assembled some of the finest basketball players in Northern California and constantly search for tomorrow superstars as well. We like to emphasize that we develop our own players academically, socially and athletically. We are proud to field teams in the following Age Divisions for our current season:

GIRLS – 8U-17U

We provide our players with educational resources and support such as tutors and mentors. These serves are provided to make the girls and boys more competitive and marketable for scholarship opportunities. By competing in high profile basketball tournaments, located in cities throughout the U.S., our teams gain valuable exposure to college coaches and recruiters, thus making scholarship opportunities available to our players.

As a non-profit youth organization we rely on support from dedicated companies and people such as you. We appreciate any type of contribution to our program either monetary, or goods and services. Funds are used to pay for equipment, practice facilities, tournament fees and traveling expenses. All funds raised go directly to our program as our coaches, managers, and mentors are NON-PAID, dedicated volunteers.

We are recognized as tax exempt under the AAU of the U.S. Inc.’s group 501(c) 3.


The Raptors Basketball Academy feels each player is a contributing member of the TEAM and everyone will be challenged in practice sessions and will be provided opportunities during game situations to display her basketball skills. All players are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their team through hard work, hustle, mutual sacrifice and teamwork. In addition to basketball, the Raptor Basketball Academy has recognized:

  • Skill development for each player.
  • Sportsmanship and introduction to competition.
  • Development of team play.
  • Emphasis on having fun and enjoying the experience.
  • Learning respect for athletes, referees and coaches.


Coaches Expectations: As players are expected to make a commitment to the Raptors Elite Academy, so are the team coaches. This commitment includes:

  • Being available for practices and tournaments.
  • Showing respect for all players, officials and other coaches at all times.
  • Modeling integrity, sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Establishing player safety and welfare as the highest priority.
  • Using discretion when providing constructive criticism and reprimanding players.

Communicating with parents regarding the following:
– Coaching Philosophy
– Player Expectations
– Parent Expectations
– Locations and time of all practices and tournament games
– Team Requirements
– Injury incidents occurring during practices or tournaments

Setting expectations and requiring all players to abide by the Raptors Elite Academy Code of Conduct and Team Rules.

Player Expectations: Raptors Basketball Academy emphasizes individual development, team play and sportsmanship. All players are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the Raptors Basketball Academy through hard work, hustle, mutual sacrifice and teamwork. Players are expected to be available for all scheduled practices and tournaments, and to give coaches as much notice as possible if unable to attend for any reason.

Players are expected to cooperate with team coaches by following directions and guidance offered by them. Players are also expected to abide by the Raptors Basketball Academy Code of Conduct and Team Rules and to hold themselves to high standards of conduct and to refrain from engaging in behavior either on or off the court which will reflect poorly on themselves, their coaches or Raptors Basketball Academy.

Parent Expectations: Parental support is essential to success of Raptors Basketball Academy. Parents are expected to support not only their own daughter but also other team members and team coaches. Some of the ways that parents are expected to achieve this are as followed:

– Treat all coaches, players and officials with respect at all times.
– Ensure that their player abides by the Raptors Basketball Academy Code of Conduct and Team Rules.
– Take the opportunity to participate in club activities.
– Avoid public displays of criticism toward players, coaches or officials.
– Provide time for post-game team meetings and discussions.
– Provide suitable arrangements for transportation of their player to all practices and tournaments.
– Support coaching decisions and direction.

Communicate with coaches regarding the following:
– Mental, emotional or physical issues that will affect player abilities.
– Schedule conflicts.
– Sickness or other physical issues your coach needs to know.

Respect the discretion of the coaches and refrain from discussion regarding the following:

– Playing Time
– Team Strategy
– Play Calling
– Other Athletes